Girl Scout Camping Job Descriptions

Part of preparing for your camping trip is identifying the responsibilities for each of your girl scouts.  Below are responsibilities broken out by cooking, hosting, and cleaning.


  • All cooks must wash hands.
  • Light necessary cooking fires with adult help.
  • Assemble ingredients and equipment.
  • Prepare and cook food with adult help.
  • Clean up as you go as much as possible.
  • Put out all cooking fires.
  • Pack or make provisions for left-overs.


  • All hostesses must wash hands.
  • Arrange tablecloths and clean them if needed.
  • Arrange table settings and decorations.
  • Decide on a grace, and lead it when time.
  • Set out and serve drinks.
  • Assist cooks by setting out food and serving.

Clean Up Crew

  • Arrange for garbage and trash disposal.
  • Heat water for dishwashing.
  • Set up and organize dish washing station.
  • Wash all plates, utensils, and pans used.
  • Place clean items in bag and hang on line to dry.
  • Clear off and clean tablecloths.
  • Make sure all trash is removed and thrown away.


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