Girl Scout First Camp Out

Going on your first camping trip with your Girl Scout Troop?  Get your troop organized by making a camping poster board that can be posted at the campsite.  Having a board posted with these roles, responsibilities, consequences and more will go a long way towards maintaining your sanity, and teaching your Girl Scouts about responsibility:

Camp Rules & Consequences – Review these beforehand so each scout knows what is expected of them, and what can happen if the rules are broken.

Kaper Chart & Job Descriptions – Assign each scout a job on the kaper chart. The descriptions will remind them of their responsibilities so you do not have to repeat yourself each time.

Patrols & Buddies – Break up your troop into buddies and patrols (groups) beforehand. This will make it easier for you when you need to divide them up.

Menu – Listing the menu will help you pack the necessary food items, and will decrease the number of times you will be asked what is for dinner.

Camp Names – You can select a theme like “Candy” or “Cartoon Characters” or just pick names that you like or suit your personality. Having them on the board will make it easier to remember!

Graces & Recipes – An optional pocket at the bottom of the board to hold graces and recipes is helpful.

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