How to Lead Games

Games can be used to create fun and enjoyment for children in group situations.  Games can help build an atmosphere of relaxed togetherness when children are experiencing new and challenging adventures, whether it’s a new camping trip or introduction to a new group such as Y-Guides/Princesses, Girl Scouts, or Cub Scouts.  We provide you with tips to help make your games a good experience for everyone.


  • Build an atmosphere for play
  • Be enthusiastic – your attitude can make or break an activity

Be Prepared

  • Know all of the rules before you introduce the game
  • Have all of your equipment ready
  • Make sure there is room to play the game


  • Make sure the game is not too difficult or too simple for your group
  • Play the game without stereotyping
  • Play active games outside and passive games inside

Introduction of the game

  • Group the children into a listening formation
  • Review the name of the game, the object of the game, and a few quick rules
  • Have some practice runs to demonstrate rather than explain


  • Be sure that you are an impartial participant
  • When possible, let the children win


  • End the game while the kids are still having fun
  • Stop the game before your group gets bored

Be ready to move on

  • Have another activity planned if you need to change or stop the game

Leading a game can be fun and rewarding.  Make sure to share your enjoyment with the children and have a good time.

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