Craft Foam Sticker Project

Craft foam stickers are the best invention ever!  You can stick these on anything and everything!  They come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and themes!

One note: these foam stickers may not stick to things permanently, which means they can be removed and repositioned should one not like the way they were adhered.  However, this also means that the foam shapes may fall off randomly, which can cause distress with some children.

Here are some easy craft ideas using foam stickers:

Buy colored gift bags and decorate with foam heart stickers to hold all your Valentine’s Day cards and treasures.

Use foam stickers shaped as clovers, flowers, and leaves to decorate a bug holder, add some sparkle with sequins, ribbon, or glitter, and trap a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day.

Stick flower-shaped foam stickers onto card stock, and add stems, leaves, and a ribbon bow to make a flower bouquet on a Mother’s Day card.

Decorate foam covered photo albums with tropical foam stickers to hold memories of fun summer activities.

Make bookmarks for school by cutting foam sheets into approximately 1.75″ x 6.5″ strips and decorating with back-to-school foam shaped stickers.

Cover a picture frame with holiday foam shapes and add a picture to make a cute holiday gift.

Add foam stickers to store-bought foam visors, can holders, and banners.  Select stickers based upon the theme of your event. Kids also like to personalize their things, so be sure to buy some alphabet letters too!

Last resort – just provide the kids with a ton a foam stickers, paper, and crayons or markers and watch them go crazy creating their own masterpieces.

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