Leprechaun Trap Craft Project

Leprechaun Trap

Catch a leprechaun with this easy to prepare trap.  This is a great craft project for kids of all ages.



  • Wood bug holder (catcher)
  • Green, gold, and black paint
  • Glue, scissors, and markers
  • Gold or silver paint pens
  • Gold or silver glitter glue
  • Shamrocks:  wood shapes, garland, confetti, die cuts
  • Embellishments:  flowers, rainbows, ribbon, stickers, foam shapes
  • Bait:  coins, jewels, pot of gold
  • Other materials:  foil, glitter felt, construction paper


Paint the bug holder green and let dry completely.  Then decorate the trap with your choice of materials and embellishments.  Figuring out how you can entice the leprechaun into the trap and how to get the door to trigger shut is part of the fun and challenge of trapping a leprechaun. Use your imagination, and good luck to you!


Leprechauns are drawn to shiny and flashy things so make sure to use embellishments with glitter or sparkle.

Use materials that are natural to the leprechauns’ habitat like leaves, flowers, twigs, grass, and rocks. Don’t forget to add rainbows – leprechauns can’t resist them!

Those mischievous creatures like breaking rules so add signs that use reverse leprechaun psychology:  “Leprechauns, Keep Out”; “Do Not Enter”; or “No Leprechauns Allowed”.

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