Patriotic Pins

Here is a cute patriotic pin that can also be used as a swap. Give them out for Veteran’s Day or 4th of July.


  • Small foam hearts in two sizes in red and white
  • Thin ribbon with red, white, and blue print or stripes
  • Pin backings or safety pins
  • Foam glue or hot glue gun


Glue small foam heart onto larger foam heart. Fold ribbon into a loop so the printed side shows, and glue or staple where the ribbon crosses.  Glue the hearts onto the ribbon where the ends cross, covering the staple. Let dry completely, then add the pin backing with hot glue or add the safety pin through the ribbon.


Use different foam shapes and different colored or printed ribbon for other occasions.

Pink hearts and heart printed ribbon for Valentine’s Day.

Yellow stars with a coordinating ribbon as a congratulations to a shining star.

Sports ball with your team colors to support your favorite team.

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