Really Easy Craft Ideas

Not so crafty but need a craft project for a group of kids?  Your first thought may be to stop by your local craft store and purchase a ready-made craft kit.  Great idea, although it may not be the best idea…depending on the age of the kids.

I have to admit I am drawn to the pre-made craft kits at the craft store. The projects are really cute and have all the necessary items you need.  The craft seems easy enough and not a lot of work on your part.  Well, having purchased many of them (how can you resist, when some individual kits are only $1.00), I can tell you that not all of the kits are that easy to make!

My favorite kits are the seasonal marshmallow s’mores people.  How can you not love cute little figures made out of marshmallows when you are a Brownie leader?  One of the first things we do as Girl Scouts are make S’mores!  Well, imagine my disappointment when our troop (of seven year-olds at the time) had a meltdown when the little pipe cleaner arms did not adhere to the s’more bodies.  No glue nor tape could hold those little arms in place.  If I would have had my handy glue gun, we might have averted this, but who would have thought it would have been necessary.

There are a lot of great ready-made kits out there.  Be sure to read the directions carefully and take a good look at the items provided before you buy the kit.  I would suggest buying one and doing the craft well in advance of your event to be sure it will work for your target audience.

Here are some easy craft ideas which you can use, should you find yourself needing a quick and simple craft, both ready-made and almost ready-made:

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