Soap Making Craft Project

Making soap can be a good clean fun project.  You can pick up everything you need from a local craft store, and you can personalize your soap creations by adding color, fragrance, glitter, or trinkets.



  • Clear Glycerine Soap (2lb or 10lb brick depending on the number of participants or recipients)
  • Plastic Molds (squares, ovals, hearts, etc.)
  • Trinkets (small plastic toys, foam shapes, silk flowers, erasers, etc.)
  • Soap Fragrance, Soap Dyes, and/or Soap Glitter (optional)


When purchasing trinkets for your soap, be sure that you select items that are safe for skin contact; and you should trim any rough areas (especially with the flowers).

First, you’ll need to cut the soap brick into small cubes with a knife and place in a microwave-safe container (a glass measuring cup works great).  Heat in the microwave for 30 – 40 seconds, then in 10 second intervals until soap is completely melted.  You should stir the soap in between.  (Note:  the soap will be hot so be sure to help the kids with this!)

If you are using soap fragrance, dye, or glitter, add it into the melted soap and stir until the desired effect has been accomplished.  Pour melted soap into the mold, filling it completely.  Spray the soap lightly with rubbing alcohol to remove any air bubbles.

If you are making soap with a trinket inside:  Pour a small amount of the melted soap mixture into the mold, filling approximately 1/3 – 1/2 of the cavity.  Spray soap lightly with rubbing alcohol to remove any air bubbles.  Let the soap set slightly, then add your trinket.  Pour more melted soap into the mold to fill it entirely.  You may have to use a craft stick to hold your trinket in place for a few seconds until the soap starts to set.  Remove air bubbles with a light spray of rubbing alcohol.

Allow soap to cool completely until it is set.  Then remove from the mold by applying pressure to it.  Wrap your soap in clear plastic for storage.  If you are giving the soap as a gift, wrap in wax paper and slide into a small plastic gift bag.  The wax paper will prevent the soap from sticking the the bag.  Once it’s in the bag, you can remove the wax paper and tie the bag closed with a coordinating piece of ribbon.

Supplies Needed to Make SoapCut Wax Into Blocks to MeltMelted Soap Poured Into MoldsTrinkets Dropped in Before Topping off MoldsCompleted Soap Craft Project


If your soap does not turn out the way you like, you can always remelt the soap and try again.  Remember to remove any  trinkets from the soap before reheating.

You can use plastic cookie cutters as soap molds.  Place cookie cutters on a silpat sheet or wax paper to prevent sticking.  If some liquid leaks through, you can remove it easily from your shape once the soap has set.

Make colored layers by pouring one color into the mold and when it forms a “skin,” slowly pour in the next layer of color.

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