Valentines Day Card Project

Making Valentine’s Days cards is an easy and fun craft activity.  Make these cute cards for all your loved ones this year.



  • Plain card stock or note card
  • Colored and patterned paper
  • Pretty buttons and ribbon
  • Craft foam heart stickers
  • Markers, glue, and scissors


Say it with hearts…cut out hearts from colored or decorative paper and glue onto the front of a card. From one simple heart in the center to nine hearts lined up in rows of three, each card will go straight to the heart of the recipient.

Love bug…use hearts to make the wings of your butterfly. The body can be made by stacking three or four small hearts. Add antennae with black marker and write “Love Bug” in a complementing color.

Cute as a button…glue red and pink buttons in a heart shape on the card. You also can add a ribbon bow to the heart.

Stuck on you…use craft foam hearts to make a bouquet of hearts. Draw in stems with green marker, and attach a pretty bow to complete the bouquet.


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