Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Tips on Celebrating St. Paddy's Day

Has a leprechaun visited your house on St. Patrick’s Day? Be sure to make a leprechaun trap which will ensure a visit from one of those sneaky little creatures. Did you know that if you can catch a leprechaun, he or she must reveal the location of their pot of gold?

You will definitely know when a leprechaun has been to your house with all the mischief that can occur:

  • Chocolate gold coins thrown around the room.
  • Green and white streamers hanging from the ceiling.
  • Trails of shamrock confetti.
  • Green breakfast foods:  bagels and cream cheese, milk, scrambled eggs, vanilla yogurt, apple sauce or water.
  • Overturned furniture, items that have been moved out of place, or things that have gone missing.
  • Notes from the leprechaun:  “Can’t catch me.”, “Maybe next time.”, or “Good luck next year.”
  • Green footprints or hand prints on the counter top or kitchen table.


Celebrate the day with green snacks:  green grapes; celery, sliced cucumbers, or broccoli with green ranch; green apples; edamame; or lime jello.

Other green food ideas:  green leaf salad with green dressing, spinach, asparagus, peas, avocados, pickles, pesto, guacamole,  mint chocolate chip ice cream, and green sugar cookies.

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