Airplane Skit

This is a short, but funny skit for boys and girls of all ages.  You’ll need 6-7 kids for this airplane skit.

Skit Cast

3 Children will act as the pilot, co-pilot and radioman on an airliner.  4 other children are on the wings as the engines, on the wings of the plane.  The co-pilot can play the radio man if you have 6 kids.

Skit Setting

As they’re flying, the engines should be making some engine noise (as if they’re running smoothly). The pilot and co-pilot can talk about the weather (or whatever).  The engines can quiet down as the pilots are talking.

The Skit

The pilot announces to the co-pilot that engine one has failed.  Meanwhile, engine one starts sputtering (played up by one of the kids playing engine 1), makes noise and dies.  The co-pilot instructs radioman (also in the cockpit) to call the tower and tell them they will be arriving 15 minutes late.  Radioman radios the tower and repeats the message.

Soon after engine two fails.  The next kid playing engine 2 repeats the sputtering and engine failure. The process is repeated in the cockpit, but this time tell the tower you will be 30 minutes late.

Then engine three fails, repeating the process but with more panic tell the tower you will be 1 hour late.

Finally the pilot announces the fourth and final engine has failed.  The last engine-kid sputters and fails.

The radioman then says: “Boys I’d better radio the tower, we may be up here all day!”

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