Bus Driver Skit

The Bus Driver Skit is a fun and easy skit, and is good for a big group of kids.

Skit Cast

Bus Driver, Several Passengers, and character named Stinky

Skit Setting

Everyone is on a bus that is driving along a bus route, which stops to let people off every so often.

The Skit

It starts with every on on the bus, and 1 or 2 people getting off at the first stop holding their noses.  The bus continues on its route stopping every so often.  Increasingly more and more passengers are getting off at subsequent stops, all holding their noses.

As they approach each stop, the passengers are telling the driver to hurry, pushing up against each other, running off the bus, until finally only Stinky and the Driver are left on the bus.

Driver:  Hey!  All my passengers left.  You know anything about it? (Stinky nods his head no).  Hmm.  Something smells; it must be you.  Did you wash this morning?

Stinky:  Yes.

Driver: Hmm.  Deodorant?

Stinky: Yes.

Driver:  Hmm.  Clean shirt?

Stinky:  Yes.

Driver:  Clean underwear?

Stinky:  Yes.

Driver:  Change your socks?

Stinky: Sure!  Here are the old ones! (as he holds them up)

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