Candy Shop Skit

The Candy Shop Skit is good for groups of 4 or more kids, and is real easy for young kids to remember.  Like many skits, the punchline targets the 2 volunteers from the audience.

Skit Cast

Candy Store Owner, Customers, and 2 Volunteers (preferably parents or older kids).

Skit Setting

The skit takes place in a candy store.  The volunteers each hold one end of a stick and kneel down throughout the skit.  This will serve as the store counter.  The store owner stands to one side of the “counter”, while the remaining kids form a line on the other side of the counter.

The Skit

The first customer approaches the counter and asks for their favorite candy.

Store Owner:  “Sorry, we don’t have any <candy name> here.” (the customer moves on)

Each child in line continues approaching the counter to ask for their preferred candy.  Each time, the Store Owner continues to say, “Sorry, we don’t have any <candy name> here.”

Last Child in Line:  When the store owner says they have none of that candy, the last child asks, “Well, what kind of candy do you have?”

Store Owner:  “Well, we’ve got 2 suckers on a stick.”


You can drape a blanket over the stick to fancy up your counter prop; and then the store owner removes the blanket when the punchline is given (emphasizing the suckers on a stick).

You can do this with a very small group; but the children keep getting in line, or the same child can keep asking for different kinds of candy.

Make sure the kids line up facing the audience.  I’ve seen this where the line is going towards the back of the stage, and you just can’t hear the lines.

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